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Evolution Studios Opens in Oxford


Sam has been closely involved in the design of a major new studio – Evolution, now open in Oxford. Working alongside st
udio owner Nick Moorbath and close friend Mark Gardener, he described Evolution as ‘ a great new studio with a classic layout and feel for recording, combined with a contemporary control room that integrates the best of new DAW and old school analogue gear in a flexible way ‘. The Studio is home to a fully refurbished vintage Trident 80b recording console, acquired from the Sawmills Studio in Cornwall where Sam has recorded and produced many albums including the Supergrass debut’ I Should Co Co’. Trident consoles became famous in the 1970’s for the records made on them by artists such as David Bowie, Queen and Lou Reed. ‘ When it came to choosing a desk for the new studio it just had to be the Trident 80b, its one of the definitive great British consoles with
fantastic punch, clarity and superb musical EQ .This desk is actually the sister board of the Sawmills Trident 80b which was used on albums by The Stone Roses, Oasis, Supergrass, Ride and The Verve amongst many others. There are very few of these boards left in the Uk now so we are very excited to have this one at the heart of the new studio’. The new studio has natural light in the control room which looks out over Kings Meadow in Osney and a large chill out room and load in bay adjoining the main studio. The studio has oak flooring throughout and the live area has four isolation booths and a sandstone wall. ‘ When I saw the level that Nick was going to with the studio plans and build I quickly realized that this was not going to be another project studio. Nick is not the kind of guy to do things by halves and he had spared no expense in the materials and build quality. We both saw the potential to create a top quality studio that could restore the experience of recording in a classic tracking room. To this end we have moved much of my vintage recording back line into the new studio, including an Ampeg Classic bass rig and my 60’s Hammond A100 Organ and Leslie 147 ‘ ‘When I first moved to Oxford there were still great studios in the area like The Manor and Chipping Norton. Since they have closed there has been nothing new of the same standard to replace them. I think this will provide a great facility that’s long overdue for the wealth of local artists and bands, as well as a cost effective solution for national artists looking for a premiu
m quality studio within an hour of London.’ For more info go to the Evolution Studio website :